Why Should Inflatables Be At Your Next Event?

In today’s modern and distraction-laden world, getting maximum exposure has become very challenging for many brands. Fortunately, there’s one thing that can help them generate a positive response as well as lasting visual impact: inflatables.

Taking into account the peerless benefits they offer, it does not come as a surprise that countless businesses nowadays have turned to inflatables to dramatically enhance the overall effectiveness of their events.

While highly visible in many large scale brand events, inflatables are not really new. Event organizers in Singapore have been using them for several years and many global brands have used them countless times for their events. 

Undoubtedly, inflatables offer many peerless benefits that are hard to resist. If you are planning an event for your brand sometime soon, below are some of the likely reasons event organizers in Singapore would suggest incorporating inflatables: 

  1. Inflatables can help make your event fun, exciting, and noteworthy 

Why are people easily drawn to events with inflatables in it? Aside from being big, bright, and loud, many people associate them with fun, games, and happy times. After all, inflatables are often present in amusement parks, beach resorts, and playgrounds–venues that are specially created for people to enjoy and have a great time in.

Incorporating inflatable structures in your brand events will also give people the impression you are an exciting and fun brand and your event will be an enjoyable and memorable one. 

  1. Inflatables are safe 

One thing that makes inflatables really attractive is the fact that they are considered safe. To ensure the success of any event, it is important to create the right balance between fun and safety.

It’s safe to assume people would prefer taking part in fun activities that won’t compromise their safety or that of their loved ones. This is especially true for families with young children. Understandably, they’d opt to attend events where their kids can safely roam around and play.

Case in point: Plaza Singapura turned Orchard Road into an amusement park of candy-themed inflatable structures where children can play during the Christmas season. It definitely made the holidays fun, safe, and more enjoyable for  children and adults alike.

  1. Inflatables can help boost brand recall 

Inflatables are often hard to miss. In fact, some inflatables can be as high as 11 feet. That being said, even if an event is held in a crowded place, it would be hard for people to miss it. Inflatables are also deemed ideal alternatives for traditional forms of advertising like billboards and leaflets. 

Since inflatable structures are customisable, they can be designed to reflect not just the business name and logo but also the company colours alongside other visuals that represent your brand.

  1. Inflatables can be used for games and de-stressing activities during an event

Some inflatable structures are used in events for games and other de-stressing activities. For instance, inflatable obstacle courses like those used during the  SGX Bull Charge event, offered a different twist to an otherwise typical annual charity run. Participants did more than just run and get to the finish line; they also used their physical and mental prowess alongside their teamwork skills to win. 

In a nutshell

There’s no denying inflatables can help make events more fun, exciting, and memorable. What makes them even more amazing is they are cost-effective and almost effortless to set up. Lastly, thanks to their attention-grabbing design and structure, they can powerfully rev up your marketing campaign while boosting brand awareness and recall at the same time. 


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